• Virginia Venegas

    Virginia Venegas

    Business designer @ Fjord Madrid.

  • Chandni Kabra

    Chandni Kabra

    Experience designer (Offbeat)

  • Jules Bennett

    Jules Bennett

    Design, education, and pizza. My life in a nutshell. www.julesdbennett.com

  • Nacho Martin

    Nacho Martin

    I´m the Director of IED Innovation Lab in Madrid. I´m teaching at the Architectural Association in London and Co-founder of Mi5VR.

  • Gina Lewis

    Gina Lewis

  • Curt Roberts

    Curt Roberts

    Venture capitalist. Aspiring polymath. Deep admirer of human striving and accomplishment in all of its forms.

  • Adam Lee

    Adam Lee


  • Andra Oprișan

    Andra Oprișan

    Design Strategist. I analyse stuff and have opinions about it.

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